Friday, September 18, 2009

Whiskey Tango Friday: ViperKeeper

This one isn't fair.
This guy is really close to landing on Good Internet Monday. Realllly close. He's very knowledgeable, posts incredibly interesting videos, has regular Q&A sessions for interested viewers, all the things that characterize what a good youtube channel SHOULD be...

...but his area of expertise is snakes.

Youtube user Viper Keeper, true to his moniker, keeps dozens of rare, highly venomous snakes in his home. His videos demonstrate what he goes through to feed and care for them while he discusses the specifics of the different species.
Embedding is disabled, so be sure to hop over to his channel. Here's an example of what he does when he has a snake that doesn't want to eat, and here's some footage of his favorite snake, the aptly named "Mr. Sniffles" (yes, that snake actually sniffs at him.)

If this stuff didn't give me the heebeejeebees, it would definitely fall under GIM.

Quick update:
For the bravest of you out there, check out this vid.
After posting this, I was watching the Mr. Sniffles vid with my 20 month old daughter. She rather enjoyed it.

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