Monday, September 14, 2009

Good Internet Monday: The NetRat

Oh, football... OOOOoooooooh, football.

The first week, wrapping up as I type, was great. Unless you're the Lions. Oh, Lions... *muffled sobbing*

After showing that they just might not be any better than last year, I needed to step away from the ledge. I handed my wife my belt and shoelaces and went to go weep by myself in the bathroom. It was that bad.

It's times like this where I need a calm, reasoned voice to help me calm down. I often find that voice over at NetRat's Lions blog. NetRat follows the Lions very closely and his musings are insightful, level headed, and accurate. When it comes to breaking down the Leos' recent moves, he surpasses many of the professional pundits by a good measure.

NetRat isn't just a blogger, however. He has a whole page dedicated to the Lions, where he follows them in gory detail. He keeps close watch on their signings and contracts in order to report accurately on their current salary cap situation. He hosts several competitions, from W/L predictions to mock drafts. He has built an amateur site that is a true resource for Detroit fans. Good stuff, indeed.

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