Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Achievement Unlocked: 3rd Most Boring Solar Cycle

Today is September 1st. Time to look at the sunspot number over the past month!

The last time this happened? June, 1913. 1913!!!
Solar Cycle 23 has now secured the bronze for the longest solar cycle in recorded history at 150 months. Gold and silver go to cycles 4 and 6 with 164 and 153 months, respectively. What is the perspective of a space science blogger on these matters?

*Sunspot numbers were zero using the international sunspot number. Provisional numbers from NOAA SWPC show a sudden jump to 10 sunspots on the 31st.

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  1. Yo, Spacecataz1663 (could you not pick a shorter blogger-nick?)

    Sunspot number, R = k(10g + s), where g is sunspot groups, s is actual spots and k is a dodgy normalising factor. The jump from NOAA's sunspot number doesn't make 10 sunspots... sorry. :-D

    Oddly enough, the Sun's acne is coming back - two spots at the moment!