Saturday, September 5, 2009

Name! That! Laptop! ...part 2.

The new laptop came in, which means that I need a name posthaste. On Tuesday, I'll take it to the IT crowd to have Lab-approved software (read: out of date) installed and at that point I'll need a wacky moniker. After balancing comedic value with the likelihood that the name will be approved by lab brass, I've whittled it down to two choices:
  • OMJihad - This is only somewhat likely to cause problems with the lab, but is hilarious.
  • Upgrayedd - The pimp from Idiocracy. That's pretty funny.
DEMOCRACY- I CHOOSE YOU! Poll is to the right. Make a choice. I'll go with the most popular on Tuesday.


  1. I actually voted against my own "omjihad" because I love Idiocracy. Speaking of which, if you're fan, you should go look up the "heart attack grill" video on Youtube. That place could be FROM that movie.

  2. I personally like the idea of Upgrayedd. Unfortunately not eveyone has a sense of humor, and there may be "issues" that will cause either help with publicity, or ruin the name. it is a very tight rope, to choose the name omjihad, and who knows what kind of people will be offended. Avoid the problems and give your laptop a name that the sheeple will not have a reason to complain about it, because we all know that your offensive name will be far worse than the slaughter of innocent people that is going on around the world.

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