Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here Comes Science!

Praise be FSM for this brand spankin' new TMBG album: Here Comes Science! I know what my daughter is getting for her birthday (or, rather, the next excuse I have to buy something.)

If you look at the comments on the video for the song "Science is Real", you'll find several people butthurt over the lyric "I like the stories as much as anyone else, but when I'm seeking knowledge [...] the facts are with science". Why? Because it's a "pot shot" at religion.

. . .

"Get in the fookin' sack!"


  1. There are somethings you need to have kids to buy, but this is not one of them.

    I've heard "I'm a Paleontologist" (great), "Science is Real" (awesome), and "Electric Car" (ok) so far. Seems they've hit a home run.

    Another gem from the Amazon Comments: "Why does a CD about science feature a song with evolution?"

  2. I'm thinking back to that scene in Jesus Camp where the kid and his brother are at home watching a brain-washing DVD about how scientists think we came from "Goo" or something. It's good to know that there's someone out there who isn't afraid to unabashedly tell kids that science is real and that it's a good thing. To even have to stand up for science I think shows how ridiculously skewed most peoples' opinion of it in this country is. I personally can't wait to watch the religious people shit their pants in fear at this album, because when you show you're afraid of science and the truth, you're only showing the world how much of an idiot you are.

  3. TelepathicTroy: I've had TMBG's "NO!" album well before I was married. I don't know why that hasn't become a staple in my kid's musical repertoire. And yes, the Amazon comments are either hilarious or sad, depending on your current mood.

    I can't wait to listen to the song "Roy G Biv."

    Sparrowhawk: Similar to the scene where the home schooled boy says that "I believe that Galileo made the right choice by giving up science for christ."