Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No title could do this justice.

I've had a strange past few weeks, but last night hit a 21 out of 10 on the strange-o-meter. Rather than try to explain what happened in detail, I'll just post the picture and use the same caption that I typed into Facebook while extremely drowsy:
"I went to take out the garbage, and this cat was hanging by his balls. Looking at the picture, I'm not sure if he was hanging by his waist or his balls, but while I was outside it really looked like his balls. He was very mad. This could indicate ball hangage. I cut the bag loose with a knife on a stick. The cat was very angry. He ran away with a piece of garbage bag tied to his balls."

A good friend of mine followed up this harrowing tale with a graphical retelling:


  1. "This could indicate ball hangage."

    Best line I've heard in a week.

  2. I was very tired both when I found the cat and when I wrote the description of the incident. Having been focusing solely on research, I could only describe this incident as I would in a scientific paper. I really should have included more data, though.