Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kick of RAGE WEEK with chain-texts!

RAGE WEEK begins with a random text message from a phone number I didn't recognize. I'm not sure I can describe the ensuing exchange properly, so I will post it here verbatim:

Random Person: FWD: FWD: A man you love is gonna show you how much he NEEDS you on monday but you have to send this to 9 girls.No joke. (punctuation and spacing hers.)

Me: If you ever send a message like this to me again, I swear to god I will stab you in your face.

Random Person: Gosh (:Ryley:)

Me: who the hell is this and why should i not stab you in your face?

Ryley: Its Ryley from gymnastics (:Ryley:)

Me: well this is dan from new mexico. stop sending me messages. i don't know who you are, i'm not in gymnastics and i'm not a chick. (:stab:)

Ryley: Oh whoops (:Ryley:)

That's $0.30 worth of text messaging charges I won't get back.

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