Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crashy Crashy.

This should have been a glorious post about Python, but alas, it is not to be.

Fink, the package manager for Mac OS X, went haywire last night. The dependencies got screwed up and I could not update anything. I needed some Python updates and couldn't get at them. After hours of screwing around, I decided to wipe my Fink install and start over.

But I couldn't. My disk permissions are screwed up and cannot be fixed through the disk utility, so the installer wouldn't work. This leaves me without EVERYTHING: a proper Python install, Emacs, Ghostscript, LaTeX, and everything else. This sucks, hard.

Today, I've found a work-around for the installation and am working on reinstalling EVERYTHING, but it's a slowwwww process. Blerg.


  1. Oooof.

    I wanted to make a snarky comment about Macs vs PCs just to get you riled up, but my heart's not really in it today. Besides, I can't kick a man while he is down.

    Good Luck!

  2. I should point out that this occurred on a Lab-configured Mac laptop. They do a lot of shit to these things before they're allowed to leave the lab- full disk encryption, several specialized security programs that change things in the background, etc... I haven't had such issues on my 4-year old MacBook or my mac desktop.

  3. That's okay, just follow Apple troublshooting procedures:

    1) send back
    2) apple sends replacement