Thursday, November 5, 2009

Health Care Email RAGE: Part 2

RAGE week continues!

As I said earlier, "Pat" was quick to respond to my request that he not send me his unlettered, poorly informed garbage:
Dan ,
Sorry to hear that as you gaze into the stars that your head is in the sand!!!
I have not had the opportunity to know you personally but know that your mother is very proud of you and your personal and educational accomplishments, as well she should .
I have always found myself at polar opposite of those educated individuals that consider themselves superior to the rest of Creation that they can't extend a sensitivity that others, though being inferior to them intellectually, may be superior to them when it comes to common sense and the realities of how politics and the decisions those in leadership make affect our lives.
We obviously have differing opinions politically and maybe even socially but I base my observations on the reality of approximately 65 years of living and observing my own success and failure but also observing the success and failure of others.
I have lived most of my life being ignorant and apathetic to the decisions our leaders make for us and if you chose to do likewise , then I shall comply and remove you from my social networking.
If telling the TRUTH as I see it is perceived as a diatribe then you can be assured that your chastisement and opinion will not deter me from continuing to tell the TRUTH and as Jack Nicholson shouted in A Few Good Men ; obviously you can't handle the truth!!!

I was a bit slower to respond, but the rage was still at 100%. I'll post that tomorrow.


  1. Ahahahahaha

    So, let's see, this is basically what he said:

    You're stupid.
    You're an elitist.
    I'm old so I know what I'm talking about.
    I never gave a rat's ass about politics until a scary black man was elected president and Glenn Beck told me he was soshulist.

    Great, classic, A1 right-wing stereotype you've got there, man...sheesh.

    For the last 8 years, clowns like this have been so happy and ignorant because Bush was in office, a good decent man of GAwwwwwwd. Now that they lost an election they're trying to be dissenters.

    It's cute, sort of. It's like the special olympics of activism. If they weren't so enragingly stupid and full of crap, I'd almost want to pat them on the head and say " keep at it slugger!"

    Unfortunately, this kind of garbage has somehow actually had an AFFECT and become sort of a self-feeding system and now we'll probably not get any worthwhile INSURANCE reform, which we direly need. Seriously.

  2. I'm on the floor laughing at your description of the current right-wing activism movement. It's the funniest (also, saddest) thing I've read in a long time.