Friday, November 13, 2009

Healthcare Email RAGE! Part 4: Here Comes God!

So after I let our good friend Pat know exactly what I thought of his reply, he was quick to send me another email. This is a pattern- I spend some time putting together a thought-out email only to have Pat respond within an hour. Of all the ones I've received so far, this one is the worst. It's almost as if he thought to himself, "Gee... what's the most ridiculous way I can support my beliefs?"

Here comes a WALL OF TEXT:
The notion of truth is very elusive and IF you really wish to search for "TRUTH " I encourage you to look to the One that created the heavens and earth you explore and maybe you would have a different perspective on who really is TRUTH ; it isn't found in your liberal educated world nor my common sense conservative world nor based on fact but upon one thing that as you grow older will be more important to you and your family then anything which is who you trust and who you put your faith.
Although I was never as smart as you proudly convey to others , I like yourself was once very naive .
I believed in so many lies in so many areas of my life over the years that were told only to promote personal , political , business, union, religious , educational , etc. etc. etc. agenda that the only basis of real truth that I have is by learning from my own experience & past history and those occurrences that I have physically or visually seen that lead me to a certain set of beliefs .
I pray for wisdom in order to make the right decision for myself and others I care about and hopefully without turning people off or out ; I feel convicted to share my own perspective of the truth.
You cite numbers which I will not dispute because in your abstract world I think you will at some point realize that : Figures can't lie but LIARS can figure.
Without excusing the numerous faults that you believe the insurance industry and the capitalist society that gave you the ability to succeed have ; it will be interesting to see if you will be as condemning when your personal efforts and resources are shared with the growing number in our society that feel they are entitled to them without contributing.
I personally believe that one of the major reasons other countries have a better health system then the U.S., is because their government and their society does not allow for the major abuse of the health care system that we have in place.
Many perceive insurance as a maintenance plan where every little ache or pain is something that should be paid for by insurance while they fail to take care of their health by over indulging themselves with Big Mac's and smoking and drinking while being couch potatoes and not exercising.
Obviously you feel like taking care of these folks with your social altruism .
Many of the Canadians I have met and inquired of , in our country that winter in Florida, are becoming more dissatisfied with the system that prevents them from so many of the freedoms we have with our current system like the ability to receive health assistance from who and when we want without being put on a waiting list.
Ask your Canadian peers what their tax rate is as opposed to ours in order to fund their benevolence and then decide if that is agreeable to you as a young man just starting to undertake the responsibilities of family while others in our society conveniently will let you carry the load for them and their families also.
I will not waste your time nor have you waste mine on a continuance of our differences but I will respond to #2 of your request by telling you that I am one of those that do not have health insurance ( other then catastrophic major medical ) because of the outrageous cost but as I stated before , I do not put the blame on the greed of insurance companies but the greed of those looking for something for nothing and those in the legal profession that "ambulance chase" looking for opportunity to sue doctors, hospitals and other health care providers because many of those that represent us in the political arena are either attorneys or sold their soul to the legal profession.
God has blessed me with great health and I thank Him for that but if I were not to be so fortunate , I would not expect others to be responsible for my misfortune or lack of preparing for the advent of medical bills ; that I have personally seen hospitals write off as uncollectible ( from those that were collectable ), only because it was easier for them to over inflate their services to others to offset the deadbeats thievery .
You may know more about science then I will ever know , but you have much to learn about life and I hope you are blessed with the health and wisdom from God to understand that everything you perceive as the TRUTH communicated by those you trust may come back to you as it has to me to be something or someone that exploited your naivety because of their credentials instead of their character.
I will close by sharing with you a couple of visuals that hopefully will open your eyes to the social leadership you trust. and encourage you
NOT to trust me but trust your eyes and ears from the testimony of those in leadership that you have placed your trust......and then decide.

F.Y.I. : Rep. Pete Stark is a 30+ year career politician representing the state you currently reside and a graduate of M.I.T. who previously was a banker ; with his superior condescending philosophy , how would you like him to be running your personal finances as he does with the countries and how much more does your social insurance endorsement add to our debt load ?

Click here: Theo Spark: Video: 7 Lies In Under 2
Minutes (

Many believe that an opposing viewpoint to current leadership is based upon bias, prejudice or ignorance but fail to hold those leaders they blindly follow like lemmings to adhere to the promises they make and are critical of the rest of us that although growing older are not yet senile to remember what leaders of both major parties wish we would have no recall .
Thank You Al Gore for giving us the Internet !! LOL!!!
With Respect

Wow, this has it all. Be sure to check out his fantastic and relevant videos. I have a hunch that Pat is a fan of Glenn Beck. Just a hunch.

Currently, there are two more emails to post and it is my turn to send a volley of words towards Pat. I'll keep 'em coming so long as it doesn't get boring.


  1. Not boring. Keep going.

  2. Ashley "Friend" TriphanNovember 16, 2009 at 11:48 AM

    Crazy rants can be boring???