Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Healthcare Email RAGE!

The health care debate is a sensitive, complicated subject. Obama's controversial plan has both benefits and issues; determining the outcome of such a plan is difficult but enacting reform critical.

That is why I absolutely loathe people who are opposed tooth and nail to ANY sort of change due to misguided, poorly reasoned motivations. Case in point: this email sent to me by my ex-auto insurance agent (only because I left the state) who is also a good friend of my Mom (this will come into play soon enough).

Recently the Monroe Evening News published an Associated Press report with the beaming faces of Michigan's John Dingell & California's Nancy Pelosi proudly proclaiming in their best Socialistic voice the accomplishment of the most recent Government Invasion of our freedoms ( ? ) : the Government Option ( ? ) .
The news report validates the concern ( see link below [Note: link is a video of Bill Rogers saying the same things written here] ) of common sense Rep. Bill Rogers ( also from Michigan ) concern relating to the bottom line numbers we are trying to assist , and the price tag for that assistance.
By these ( Dingell, Pelosi & their like ) financial and economic whiz kids own admission ; we are trying to assist and incorporate 13% of the uninsured public by taking benefits and revenue away from 87% of the citizens , who have no reason to change from the current system.
I have never been a proponent of status quo agenda and decision process but if something is not broke : Don't try to fix it !!!
Do we have a health care and delivery problem and system that could be improved ? : ABSOLUTELY ; but do we look to the leadership that wrought us the current problems with Social Security , Medicare, Medicaid, U. S. Post Office , Illegal Immigrant , Etc. Etc. Etc. to solve & remedy or do we look to those that can and have successfully modified and improved upon decisions that work for the majority?
I personally can live with any situation that works 87% of the time instead of passing a legacy of "debtors prison" to the generations that follow.
Please consider coming to the next town hall meeting ( flyer attached ) concerning this cross roads decision and problem if implemented and voice YOUR opinion .
Pat [Full name withheld]
Having heard all of this , you may choose to look the other way ; but you can never say again that you did not know . William Wilberforce 1759- 1833
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men & women do nothing ( paraphrased from the words of philosopher Edmund Burke )
Well, then. Where do we start with this shit-mess? Point out the ignorance of the term socialism? Shed light on the lack of any evidence, critical thinking, or hard numbers? Call out the purely reactionary politics of an ignorant man? Perhaps I'll just let him know that such unsolicited emails are as appreciated as unsolicited text messages:

Pat -

While I have sincerely appreciated the service you have provided my family and myself, I do NOT appreciate politically driven, unsolicited, poorly informed emails such as the one below. Please exclude me from such diatribe in the future.


Yes, I was quite terse, but this is the kind of garbage that spawns RAGE WEEK!

We have each exchanged a single email and I expect more. I shall continue to share them as the week progresses.


  1. Ugh....this watching right-wingers try to be dissenting alternates between amusing/infuriating/terrifying for me.

    You're NOT doing it right, people. I admit that there was plenty of left-wing paranoia around Bush that wasn't all justified, but damnit, you wanna talk about "freedoms" being infringed upon and bad precedents being set? Where do I even start with Bush?

    Seriously, the success of this bullshit "socialism" propaganda around Obama and the Democrats is stupefying. Socialism? Seriously? A government OPTION for health INSURANCE that would carry PREMIUMS = Stalinist death camps? This is ridiculous and these people need to be called out on their bullshit. Do they even know what socialism is and just how much of an influence it has already had on our country in the past and how that's OKAY?

    The stupid, it burns. The goggles do nothing!

  2. Sparrowhawk: GRAET COMMENT WOLD READ AGAIN A+++++

    You are going to go off the deep end when you see what he wrote back to me. And don't worry, I did and will continue to call him out.

    Did you ever figure out if that was indeed the ISS, btw? Sorry that I wasn't much help.

  3. It's okay. I found this little Java Applet deal on NASA's website and had it tell me everything that flew over around the time I was out, and based on the direction I saw it traveling and the time and the speed, I'm pretty sure that's what it was. Either way it was really amazing to see something whizzing by like that.

    As for your friend....go ahead and post it. I can handle it so long as I know you're giving him an earful about it.

  4. Ashley "Friend" TriphanNovember 5, 2009 at 5:55 AM

    OH my god! Everyone always asks me how I survive in Socialist Spain. No joke.

    Someone should made a school house rock video about the difference because a lot of people are CLUELESS.

    Spain is great, I don't have insurance and if I needed a major routine operation (like an appendectomy) I wouldn't have to pay a euro cent! Instead I paid 10,000 USD to have it removed in Michigan which my Wisconsin insurance was none to happy about.

    Reform? Yes please.

  5. Ashley "Friend" TriphanNovember 5, 2009 at 4:51 PM

    Oh and what is wrong with the postal system?

  6. That's a good question- what IS wrong with the postal system? It can be a bit slow at times, but they get the job done. Perhaps Pat had an eBay shipment lost, and that resulted in some bad user feedback. Damn socialists MAILMEN and their anti-eBay AGENDA!