Monday, August 3, 2009

Good Internet Monday

To help create a continuous output of posts on this blog as well as generate some kind of readership, I am introducing two new features: Every Monday is "Good Internet Monday." I'll link to a blog, website, youtube channel, etc. that I believe demonstrates the good features of the wild, wild intertubes. Fridays will be "Whiskey Tango Friday (WTF)", where I'll present some of the more eclectic, weird, or just plain dumb parts of the 'tubes.

Today's GIM is the YouTube channel xxxHERPERxxx, which features "Brandon's Herp Adventures." Brandon, the channel owner, goes in search of various reptiles in the wetlands around his home. He finds some interesting species (especially snakes, where he's found copperheads and rattlers), and delivers interesting information about all of them- from their official species name to their behavior, diet, etc.

What is especially neat is that Brandon is probably only 16 or so years old, but handles the animals with an exceptional amount of skill and easily doles out loads of information. Amateur science channels like this are one of the best parts of YouTube.

He has disabled embedding, but here is a great example of his work:

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