Monday, August 10, 2009

Good Internet Monday: Talk Origins

I've learned quickly that the challenge of this article is to resist the urge to consistently grab low-hanging-fruit and work to grab more obscure pieces of the internet-- that is, if everyone knows about the sites I post about, what's the point?

I admit failure on this front today, but with good reason. I've been debating the validity of evolution online intensely over the past week, and am surprised that the level of understanding of the theory amongst the general public is so low. Furthermore, there are creationists who have flagrant misconceptions about the theory.

While I've been involved in my own discussions, biologist blogger PZ Myers (along with 300+ students, scientists, and secularists) has recently been to a trip to Ken Ham's odious creation "museum", a place where ignorance is not only embraced but flaunted.

With these two items in mind, I found it appropriate to designate Talk Origins(.org) as today's GIM appointee. This is a site dedicated to presenting the evidence, clarifying misconceptions, and harboring open discussion on evolution. It is a great place to visit for information on the most important theory in biology. Some people really need to see the section on evidence...

Seriously, Wendy... the evidence section... read it. All of it.


  1. Well, these are most likely the same folks who are now "protesting" (crashing, disrupting, bullying) at town hall meetings on health care. Much like this, they are essentially protesting (sometimes verging on violence) against something they aren't even informed on. "Came from a monkey" is to Evolution as "Wants to kill my grandma" is to Obama's Health Care for people like this. It's pathetic.

  2. SH, you completely beat me to this point. I agree 100%; they have no idea what they're talking about, but shouting makes it better.