Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cage and Aquarium

One of the benefits of working at "the Lab" is a very flexible schedule. For example, I have every other Friday off, giving me more time with my family. This past Friday I took advantage of this by taking a trip (planned by Mrs. Spacecataz -- the genius in the family) to the Albuquerque aquarium. After being a bit disappointed by the ABQ zoo, we were pleasantly surprised by the aquarium. Very large displays and a huge number of fish. My personal favorite was the manta ray tank. You could get exceptionally close to the critters:

My 18-month old daughter absolute loved it. At one point, she stopped staring at the manta rays long enough to give both mom and dad a hug. It was as if she was giving us a quick thank you. She didn't like the eels, though.


  1. Hey cool, thanks for the info. I've been down to Santa Fe and I really liked New Mexico, maybe we'll have to try this next time. Later.

  2. @Sparrowhawk: Yep, there are some neat things about ABQ. It reminds me, in some respects, of Toledo- a smaller city with plenty to offer. It's hard to get down to ABQ frequently; it's 1.75 hours via car, and that doesn't sit well with the one who is stuck in a child seat the whole time.

    Santa Fe is great. I also recommend Los Alamos for it's fantastic landscape.