Friday, April 3, 2009

One last Detroit post...

If I had any readers -- and it may be a long time, if ever, before this blog has any following -- I am certain I would be boring them with all of this discussion concerning one of my favorite cities. The reason I wax poetic about the problems of Detroit is because I find it to be a modern day parable that teaches the lesson of what happens when citizens, under the guise of caring about their city, do nothing. Those currently in control found power in the overarching apathy. Without concerned citizens constantly fighting for true leadership, true accountability, those with misguided and ill intents can silently grab the reigns.

At this time, no one better embodies this than council president Monica Conyers. She is the focus of yet another unflattering news article, one that brought the typical grimace to my face. Desensitized to her madness, it wasn't that she hired her brother to a city position that upset me. Nor was it her brother's growing list of felonies, nor the fact that she lied about their kinship, nor the fact that he was constantly reassigned to the position for 2 years despite it being a 120 day post. Instead, it was the single sentence haunting the end of the article:
"[This] practice is not uncommon in Detroit."

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