Saturday, October 3, 2009

Creationists Are Liars - Willful Ignorance?

Found this half-finished post sitting around. Can't believe I didn't complete it month(s?) ago.

AronRa (a favorite youtuber of mine) was trading responses with a particularly tenacious creationist when he ran into the same wall that I (and just about everyone) have experienced before: it doesn't matter how you say it or how many times you say it, they just don't hear what you have to say.

This happens all the frickin' time: the creationist makes assertions that are just plain wrong, the "protagonist" corrects him or her as clearly as possible, then the creationist repeats the diatribe as if nothing was said in response. Acting like this as a scientist is professional suicide. If you continue to attempt to publish work while actively ignoring others' results that are in direct conflict with yours, you are being dishonest. Such behavior will cost you your job and reputation. But this same attitude is glorified by creationists!

When you say something that is not true, your ignorance may be an excuse. But when you are corrected repeatedly yet continue spreading the misinformation undaunted, you are a liar. Thus, I ask: how is willful ignorance any different than lying?

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  1. Yeah, guys like this (not AronRa, the other one) who like to act like they're trying to "engage" people who actually understand science are really just putting on a show for their subscribers/flock. This guy doesn't give two shits about science and he doesn't want to understand it. He'll never say it, but it's clear. AronRa needs to kick the guy to the curb. Ray Comfort is the same way.