Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Hike - Deer Trap Mesa

Deer Trap Mesa is just north of Otowi Mesa, which was the target of my last hike. Deer Trap trail is not nearly as challenging, but I was far less adventurous as last time. With a Red Wings playoff game on national TV at noon, I wanted to get back quickly. This meant a lot less non-trail extensions to my hike which will likely not be the case next time I go.

Kwage, Otowi, and Deer Trap are all candidates for my kite-camera project: I plan on strapping a camera to my (very large) kite on a breezy day and let all 1000 feet of line out to get the best possible aerial footage of the area. Kwage is close to the airport (bad for high-flying kites) and Otowi is a much more difficult trek. Deer Trap, the northern most of the three, is a good compromise, but there aren't many good places to launch the kite from.

Anyway, check out the path I set up in Google Maps; the waypoints all have pictures. Enjoy.

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