Saturday, May 23, 2009

Los Hollywamos, NM.

Sitting in the ABQ airport, waiting for my flight to Toronto to board. Thought I would shoot off a quick post to describe a very bizarre scene from yesterday.

Because Los Alamos is so far from the nearest major airport, the standard protocol is to pick up a rental car in town (often the day before your flight) and drop it off at the airport. Yesterday, my wife drove me to the local Hertz station at the LA airport, which serves small airplanes and few flights. As we tried to pull in, a young man sporting a black hoodie and a walkie talkie stopped us and asked us what we were doing. We told him we just wanted to get to the rental car place and he waved us through.

It became far stranger as we approached the tiny Los Alamos terminal: in the gloomy weather we've been experiencing lately, there were dozens of people, large semi trailers, tents, equipment, and a lot of commotion. As I got out of the car I was stopped again by a tall man in a black, large rimmed hat, a long black trenchcoat, and a police badge hanging from his neck. Again, my request to get to the rental car desk was enough to get me through and I was able to pick up my car.

The cause of all of the commotion? Los Alamos was the background for a day of shooting a major hollywood movie, "Did you Hear About the Morgans?". The shoot had lasted all day, and the stars of the movie were on hand: Hugh Grant, Kim Shaw, and a talking horse.

I guess you never know what you'll run in to up here.

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