Thursday, July 9, 2009

Webcam, part 1

After moving to Los Alamos, I started playing with my webcam on my Linux machine. I ran into an aptly named command-line-interface package, "webcam", through Ubuntu's package manager and immediately started experiementing. The view outside of our office window is beautiful, but much more stunning in time-lapse:

When I tried to launch the program from the crontab, I recorded some great sunrises, but the process died at 11:45 consistently. This really sucks considering the footage of the snowstorm and the following melting I partly captured.

I'm working on expanding this into a year-long project.


  1. so cool! My husband needs to learn this so we can catch Pudge in action being naughty (which might also work well with your daughter...)

  2. LoL, it will be Blender Defender all over again!

  3. LOL, SEGFAULT. Also PC Load Letter.

  4. Segfaults:
    "PC Load Letter? What the F*** does that mean?"

    Speaking of using webcams to watch the rugrat, guess who found lipstick in Mom's purse, then proceeded to paint up the couch until it resembled a cheap prostitute?

  5. LOL, please tell me there are pictures!

  6. No pics... I just came home to a very upset wife and a very hyper naked baby. :P

  7. Very Nice...

    As far as the music track... I find it hilarious that I just finished listening to Pink Cigarette on my way home for dinner break... very similar endings...

    As far as the couch. Still would've been worth a picture.

    Take care, I need to find the line for chutney.