Sunday, February 13, 2011

Whiskey Tango Friday - Orbs That Are Totally Not Dust Particles Reflecting Light From Your Camera Flash

Whoa, where did Friday go? Oh yeah, it went snowboarding. That's why there was no on-time WTF post (which is too bad, because I have a good one!)

I received this from my grad school advisor; he found it by googling "magnetosphere images".

What are these energy orbs? Well, a less informed person would say, "looks like you need to clean the lens and hold the camera still when you're taking pictures." HA! Wrong! They're actually energy... things... that do... stuff. Yeah. Just look at the picture:

Look, I read the site ten times, and I don't know what the author thinks these things are supposed to be. Seriously, what do these words mean?

Space is a fluid ..Hence a field of plasma..Hence a 'plasma field'. . Its motion or state of being is 'Guided by Matter'
. Thus an orb or space craft or other type of matter going through it would affect its field. Think of a boat propelling
itself through water - the faster and larger the boat - the more distortion of the water it is going through .

Yeah, I don't know either.

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