Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Internet Monday: The Consumerist Validates Me!

In my previous post, I tried to make the case that the availability of lower-quality, less healthy food made it easier for me to pork out while in MI. And seriously, who can resist the siren call of Timbits?

The Consumerist, one of my favorite websites, provides hard evidence to my anecdotes: cheaper, crappier food from Walmart makes it easier for people to be fatties. Who would've guessed?

Additionally, they provide news on a break-through solution for this issue. Thank you, internets.


  1. Another problem, in my opinion, is that most crappy food tastes REALLY GOOD to people and they find it incredibly satisfying and comforting. I'm not perfect about this. I love the feeling I get eating a nice burger or something fried. Of course, my metabolism is slowing down and I'm starting to realize I'm going to have to start changing my eating habits.

    Another thing I've noticed, and this may just be anecdotal, but I work at a junior high school and I overhear lots of conversations. The school I'm at has a decent share of lower income families and man...they just don't seem to care. Sounds like they probably live in homes stocked with chips and mac-n-cheese so they have something to come home and eat while their over-worked, stressed parents are out trying to keep a roof over their head.

    I dunno how we're gonna change this without making people shit a brick about their "freedom", especially in this country in this political atmosphere.

  2. *eats burger*
    Yes, I understand your point.

    Speaking of "freeeedums", during the election season, there was an ad running constantly about LIBRULS taxing food like chips and soda. The woman in the ad was checking out at a grocery store and complaining about how she couldn't afford food as it is and now these taxes are coming to take away our freedom. The whole time I'm watching this, I'm trying not to scream "WHY ARE YOU BUYING POP IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD FOOD?"