Monday, June 29, 2009

Conyers and Future Posts

For some reason, I've only had precious few opportunities to complain about the walking fail that is Monica Conyers. Despite the councilwoman's incompetence and moodiness (putting it rather mildly), she hadn't done anything truly illegal yet, had she?

Well, where there's smoke, there's fire. Conyers has pleaded guilty to bribery. While she hasn't decided to step down yet (and I fully expect her to refuse to do so), Detroit's other councilmen are putting the city first (for a change) and taking the choice out of her hands. Such a move indicates real leadership in Detroit's city hall; let's hope that it is not an isolated incident.

Besides this shitmess, I am now back in town and have a bunch of material that is overdue for this blog:
  1. The GEM meeting wrapup.
  2. Part two of my response to Telepathichtroy.
  3. A looonnnggg overdue description of the best Spring AGU presenter ever.
  4. The sun is boring again.
Should be a good blogging time all around!

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